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Director General,
Maharishi University


During day to day application we operate through communication and or action manifesting our attitude ;principles ;character as fundamentals of our profile.Such application is to be checked for review through four parameters – DPMT d discipline;p proficiency;m morale;t team spirit.The roots of such application tree are in five HUMAN VALUES TRU LO RI NO PEA .Let us talk in brief about TRU LO RI NO PEA

Truth in action is Love

Love in action is Righteousness

Righteousness in action is Non-violence

Non-violence in action is Peace

Peace in action is Bliss

Bliss in action is well being

Well-being in action is Health

THIS is the task for all

You-Me-He-She and They

Let us do it and do it well

Love is Energy. Love is unconditional. Love is non- conditional. Love is in giving and not in taking. When thoughts are immersed in Love, Truth will manifest in heart. When actions are suffused with Love, then all our acts will exhibit Righteousness.
When our feelings are soaked in Love, we will be able to enjoy Peace. When we experience love, then nonviolence will envelope us in all our endeavors – thoughts

We need to keep doing SELF AUDIT



Truth relates to intellect component of mind 

Truth concerns with the spirit of inquest

Absolute value of Truth is Intellectual intuition

Relative value of Truth is Knowledge


Love relates to psyche component of Soul

Love concerns with Expansion

Absolute value of love is Intuitive Understanding

Relative value of Love is Kindness


Righteousness relates to the physical domain

Righteousness concerns with the sense of Duty

Absolute value of righteousness is Intuitive will

Relative value of righteousness is Talent


Non-violence relates to spirit component of soul

Non-violence concerns with sense of Sacrifice

Absolute value of Non-violence Intuitive connectivity

Relative value of Non- violence is oneness


Peace relates to emotion component of mind

Peace concerns with Interior Honety

Absolute value of Peace is Intuitive sentiments

Relative value of Peace is Equilibrium

These values are reflected willy nilly in our all doings through specific behavioral manifestations .In managerial paralance we describe these as traits of personality .Often than not such manifestations are routinely referred in annual and or periodic assessment of employees for the purpose of upgradation and or promotion .Such traits are :

Bearing :

Appearance,Carriage,personal conduct reflecting competence and confidence.Dress,Haircut,gait,language,manner and style of action and orderliness. Dignity of being honorable.

Discipline :

Personal conduct in conformity with the specific code and ability to work in time

Effective Intelligence :

Degree and speed of graspimn perceiving essentialsof various situations.Degree of appropriate reactionsto situationsas observed through formal and or informal associations

Effective Communication :

Written ,verbal ,non-verbal

Integrity :

Degree of honesty and uprightness including intellectual integrity ,management of personal affairs

Loyality :

Identification of personal interests with organizational objectives,Contributiontowards fulfillment of the task,subordination of personal interests to over all interests of the working unit

Quality and Ourpurt of work:

Extent and Quality of performance in functional and social lifeand assignments and extent of participation

Attitude to work :

Dedication to work ,Degree of Involvement,Wllingness to accept occasional increased work load,Attitude while working under stress

Initiative :             

Ability to take necessary and appropriate action in unforeseen situation without guidance and instructions,Speed and frequency of showing the initiative,Quality of initiative

Planning and Organising Ability:

Foresight and Vision in anticipating work needs.Degreeof competence in making effective use of resources while organizing various assignments ,Punctuality


Sharing of ideasand resources and acting together for a common cause. It is evoked out of sympathy in making one available to others for rendering required help by way of assistance and aid.

Dependability :

Confidence that one generates in the superior in accomplishing the task not withstanding the difficulties.It is willingness to accept additional work with cheer .

Courage :

Degree of capacity to withstand mental and physical stress,Boldness in facing uncommon and unfavourable situations demanding stamina and endurance.Is enduring physically .

Adjustability :

Degree of adjustment with the work encironment ,Ability to get along with others,Appreciation and consideration of others’ vie point,Degree of acceptance by the group .

Social conduct and Etiquettes :

Degree of mixing with others,Suitability and extent of endeavours to be social,Degree of proficiency in acquisition of manners expected for gentlemanly conduct in all conceivable situations.

Self Confidence :

Ability of being sure of oneself in all situations ,work and or social

Group Control Ability :

Leadership ability to direct,control,coordinate the activities of the team

This much in this blog ! next blog we will devote to answer yet an other question ‘ HOW DO WE GO ABOUT DEVELOPING LIFE SKILLS !

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