Bigg Boss 15 full of festive vibes

Come Dusherra-Diwali season and Bigg Boss 15 will only reflect festive vibes. There’s further visual treat for viewers. The upcoming ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ episode of Bigg Boss 15 promises to be full of joy, color and festive spirit. Contestants will be seen celebrating Navratri with special guests, even as the threat of elimination dangles upon them.  

In fact, the peppy environment also reflects the very spirit of this vibrant show. It’s a known fact that Bigg Boss and its current season Bigg Boss 15 is such a show that’s full of joie de vivre and merriment. A show that’s full of life and vivacity. The current festive season is only adding a zing to the already gaiety that exists on Bigg Boss 15 show.  

A lot of drama on Bigg Boss 15

Bigg Boss 15 is full of festive vibes, that’s true. But host Dabangg Salman Khan will add more energy to the show with his hosting expanding the horizon of the liveliness on the show. This will manifest when Salman’s questions to contestants will lead to fights and even compromise the strongest of friendships.

Sources of the show tell that on the sets of Bigg Boss 15, Salman summons Nishant Bhat, Umar Riaz and Akasa in the ‘Soch’ room. He calls them to there to quiz them about the rest of the housemates. The answers that the housemates give to Salman will earn them the rewards on the show leading to who could be better among all of them on the show. The question answer process works like this. Whichever contestant’s answers tally with those of other inmates, shall win, and those who lose will face strict punishment.

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This is one aspect of Bigg Boss 15 show. It should  be remembered that Salman’s questions are not to be taken lightly. The questions he puts up to the housemates, lead to a lot of divisiveness among them. The questions can lead to fights and even compromise the strongest of friendships among the housemates. Despite their firm bond, Miesha Iyer and Donal Bisht will lock horns, as Ieshaan Sehgal calls the latter the “biggest manipulator”.

But there’s more drama on Bigg Boss 15. Former Bigg Boss contestant Andy Kumar has expressed his doubts over the new-found love story on Bigg Boss 15. Miesha Iyer and Ieshaan Sehgal are the new love birds on the latest season of the reality show hosted by Salman Khan. In a tweet that he shared Monday night, Andy has said that it is clear that Miesha is playing a game while Ieshaan is just a “lost puppy”.

Liveliness is the buzzword

Despite all the fights and high drama on sets of Bigg Boss 15, the contestants have their moments of fun and frolic as festive celebrations kick off. It gets livelier when Aastha Gill, Rahul Vaidya, Nia Sharma and Bhoomi Trivedi enter the house to meet the contestants and perform ‘garba’ with them on their new songs “Saawariya” and “Garbe Ki Raat”.

Meet Bros, Bollywood’s musical duo, and the talented singer Dhvani Bhanushali will also grace the stage and get everyone grooving to their performance.

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A panel of celebrities has been invited to speak out in support of their favourite contestants. They are Karan Patel, Arjun Bijlani, Neha Bhasin and Nikki Tamboli. They will also discuss the gameplay and performance of the contestants with Salman.

Neha and Nikki support Pratik, Karan and Arjun will vouch for their friend Jay Bhanushali. Nikki goes a step further and raises her voice against Karan and Arjun in her support for Pratik, who, she insists, is the “one who’s carrying this show”.

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