Single Factor for Leadership Role: Devotional Commitment to Self

Prof Gp Capt O P Sharma
Director General,
Maharishi University

I was asked by one of the participants in my recent workshop on TQM-S Total Quality of Management of Self. My answer is pasted below with a view to invite deliberations on the thought process that I had initiated.

The single factor that accounts for effective role play in leadership profile irrespective of the area of operation for such role is the cultivation of mature Faith –faith in oneself for devotional commitment to the role including the role targets. No relationship except that of faith is the secret for total actualization of one’s potential as a leader.

How do we do that? Here is the process.

F*The first is fellowship with scholarly The company of the wise inspires faith and needful reflection on life.                                                              

R*Second fondness for the related legendary readings

S*Third is selfless service to the role target individual or group with full understanding of as their aspirations and expectations

*Hymning of all virtues merited for specific leadership role with guiltless heart is the fourth step .

*Muttering one’s own potential with unwavering faith constitutes the fifth adoration for self assurance reinforcing the translating competence for specific role demand.

*The sixth consists in self governance with virtue and detachment and ceaseless pursuit of the course of conduct prescribed for the good to others.

*Seventhly the role player sees the entire world as part of his own SELF more particularly the role target individual and or group and regards the mentors and other achievers in the area  greater than oneself.

Eighth is the contentment with whatever he has and never dreams of ‘greater’ more so at the cost of others and or through unfair and dishonest means.

Ninth aspect of the process demands that one should be simple and undersigning in one’s dealing with all with implicit faith in himself without either exultation or depression.

This is the ethical injunction for behavioral effectiveness in all role profile whether individual, personal, and organizational – whatever it may be. The bottom line is gentlemanly conduct in excellent frame of devotional commitment in all conceivable situations. This all is well summed in often quoted saying’ Service to man is Service to HIM’

When FAITH  gets rooted in the heart, the devotee develops love for himself truly ingrained in love for others in doing everything and anything for bettering the ‘best’ for them without worrying at all for the results. This is generated minus lust, greed, and anger. Love is in ’ giving’ and not in ’ taking.’

The doctrine of devotion is summed up thus Devotion to commitment is primarily in righteous performance of one’s duty. Then indifference by regulating the overindulgence in sensual pleasures leading to steadfastness in the nine  processes  of devotion Totally soaked in TQM-S, observes strict rules of humility with constant prayer for unwaver in thought, word and deed on account of  praise recognizing service to humanity as opportunity for self actualization. Such role player experiences thrill to the full in doing all that he does and or that  he is required to do . He likes what he does contrary to doing what he likes. This is possible without  lust, or pride or hypocrisy,

The devotion to commitment to self could mean for riches, name, fame ;  for remedy for afflictions ;  for seeking wisdom for higher self status  ; for serving humanity as opportunity for self actualization All are meritorious, sinless and noble In all situations there is absolute reliance on intuitive wisdom as distinguished from ‘knowledge’ In another post I have shown the distinction between a knowledge worker and a wisdom worker. Here we are talking of a wisdom worker whose knowledge is sublimated to be instrumental for the cause of creation. This marks the journey from selfishness to selflessness.

The cult of FAITH lays emphasis on two central virtues, namely, total detachment towards the selfishness with attachment to selflessness with attitudes of friendliness and compassion towards all living creatures.

Love is the fulcrum of Devotion-unconditional and non-conditional. This fosters commitment to self, family, society, country, world and above all to God. Caring for gentlemanly conduct for doing Good to others in service frame of mind is the key thrust in cult of faith. Dedication to ONESELF in personal relationship connectivity mode promotes the intensity and excellence in the area of devotion

The best performer is one who views the whole world as his as well HIS demonstrated by him in doing good to others. All work is HIS work – Gods work is glorified as PARHIT –doing good to others and there is nothing superior to doing good to others in this world.

Devotion to commitment – faith stands by itself and require no other support .On it depends all knowledge –spiritual or profane duly transformed into wisdom  Devotion is incomparable and the very source of bliss. This is however the preserve of virtuous more particularly called upon to perform leadership role

  • (Prof Gp Capt OP Sharma is National Awardee for Excellence in Education and Training; Rahrishi; Manav Ratn; Kavi Shiromani;; Aadhuatnm Martand; Best Education Professional Award; Distinguished Member of International Council of JURISTS UK ; UP Sarswati Samman.)                                            

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