DPMT the benchmark of your Leadership Effectiveness

Pro. Group Capt. OP Sharma
Director General- Maharishi University

The leadership is the ongoing process of Management of self.  It is not something we do only once or occasionally.  We make it a process by thoughtful organizing for living with dignity.  Worthwhile goals and balanced life are two hallmarks for effective management of Self.  The former is the result performance for our planned objectives which ought to be rooted in a sound value system.  The latter is suggestive of integrated role profile. It is a challenge to achieve greater fulfillment in equal measure in both professional and personal lives.  Plainly speaking management of self is the process of optimizing our talents – our total being to develop as Wholeman who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightened, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined.  The performance results got to be transformational for being effective role player to be useful to yourself-to your family-to your society-to your country-to the mankind.

The ongoing activity needs to be value driven. The evaluation process is summed up in four letters DPMT; Discipline; Proficiency; Morale; Team spirit. The bench marking items are listed below:

D= Discipline is individual or group attitude, which ensures prompt obedience to orders and proper initiation of appropriate action in the absence of orders. It is willing and cheerful obedience. Evaluation can be done by (a) Attention to details (b) Proper conduct on or off duty (c) Standard of cleanliness, dress and courtesy (d) Promptness in responding to direction (e) Adherence to chain of authority.

P= Proficiency is technical, administrative and physical ability of the individual to perform the job proficiently. Training is an essential process.  Proficiency is evaluated by (a) Personal appearance and physical condition (b) Appearance and condition of equipment and other area (c) Attitude towards work whether primary or secondary. (d) Promptness and accuracy in (f) Quality and promptitude in accomplishment of task (g) Technical and administrative performance.

M= Morale is individual’s state of mind demonstrating unshakable sense of belongingness- one for all and allfoone. It is  evaluated (a) By observation of appearance, personal conduct, courtesy, personal hygiene, use of recreational facilities, nature and extent of indulgences in harmful or irresponsible behavior, upkeep of living area, care of equipment, response to orders and instruction, job proficiency and motivation (b) By administrative reports on indiscipline, damage to property, absence, request for transfer, sick report, punctuality and the like.

T= Team spirit the Esprit-de-Corps the loyalty to, pride in and enthusiasm for the team shown by its members.  It is team’s personality and expresses its will to work with determination. It depends on the satisfaction people get from belonging to the team, their attitude towards other members and confidence in their leader. Esprit-de-corps can be evaluated through : (a) Expression of enthusiasm for the pride in the group (b) Reputation among other similar organizations (c) Competitive spirit (d) Willing participation in all activities (e) Pride in the tradition (f) Readiness to help one another.

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