EDM duo capture netizens’ attention with wedding track

EDM duo Lost Stories’ latest take on the decades-old track Mehendi te vavi is among the select few remixes that do justice to the original renditions. Deftly layered with subtle details, the latest shaadi track was tailor-made for Jonita Gandhi, who once revealed to Rishab Joshi that the Gujarati song was the only one in the language that she could sing. 

“Since I was keen on creating a [shaadi track] at the time, this opportunity seemed fitting. When the lockdown was imposed, I had become [wary] of stepping out. But, I was unable to do [productive work] at home, and so, began to head for walks to find inspiration. The composition of this track was arrived at on one of these strolls, and I sent it to my partner, [Prayag Mehta] who immediately loved it,” says Joshi. 

Release part of wedding songs bouquet

The release is among a spate of wedding songs that are set to come out of their stable. Joshi says work on an array of songs in other languages is currently underway. “There’s also an EP that is being worked on. It is different from the commercial stuff in the [market]. We’ve been wanting to do something in the mental health space for a while, and this will focus on that. It will also talk of quitting the rat race. You can’t write about something as sensitive as mental health unless you’ve gone through it. We too were stuck in a rut, chasing numbers [of song views] and festival slots. There’s so much that we missed out on too.”  

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