Pro, Group Capt. OP Sharma,
Director General- Maharishi University Of Information Technology

We need to invest in transformation. When we decide to change a habit or acquire one, and then persist till we win a victory, then it enormously reinforces our confidence to go on. It is wise to choose simpler goals for the first three months, and then add on more difficult ones as our tenacity becomes stronger. It is in this area that reading about the lives of outstanding leaders helps a great deal When we read about the lives of leaders who developed their potential by self-effort, we get enormous inspiration to stay the course.

We must Investment in the Health of the Body, the Health of the Mind in Spiritual Health as well as in the health of the society through aligning with cosmic laws. For total transformation We need to get the principle of justice through LOVE down to the level of SPIRITUALITY ……How do we do this .We do it by cultivating in ourselves three attributes – to live SIMPLY- no UNJUST profit – to change UNJUST structures.More on SELF DISCOVERY for TRANSFORMATION in the next ‘MY TURN ‘

The same message is being conveyed by the following chat.
Extract from a Chat dated 08 Nov 2021 from a scholar friend Dr BALBIR SINGH the member coordinator of VALUE EDUCATIORS’ FORUM group.And my response ‘’The Light Within’

There is a light inside everyone but only a few people realise that they have it. The light glows when you see happiness on the face of your beloved, a smile on your child’s face, the pride of your parents or the satisfaction on the successful completion of a project. It gives you happiness, pleasure and hope. This light is a feeling that makes one forget all miseries coming from whatever source and gives hope and makes everything meaningful. If one can spot that light, one can overcome all miseries and can save oneself from despair.
Dr Balbir Singh: Attention
-Gp Captain OPS

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