KGF CHAPTER 2; new records of earning and success


KGF chapter 2 is still getting an adequate number of shows for itself. It was yet another day when KGF Chapter 2 scored over 2 crores  at the box office . This is quite remarkable as it’s the fourth week in the running and there has been competition from the past and present for the film. The film has now reached a total of 419.55 crores and is still carrying enough ammunition to keep firing for many more days.

KGF Chapter 2 would have bigger day by day collections

Though it had seemed that Doctor strange in the Multiverse of madness might make a huge dent in the collections of the yash starrer, it hasn’t actually happened as the film in finding its own audience. In fact, it won’t be surprising if a week later from now, KGF Chapter 2 would have bigger day by day collections when compared to the Marvel superhero film, something that had happened with pushpa as well which had gone ahead of all the competition that came its way.

Collections actually coming quite close to the 430 crores mark

1 crore mark and later on Saturday and Sunday the collections actually coming quite close to the 430 crores mark, and then weeks to follow will comfortably take it past 440 crores lifetime for sure.


After bahubali, a handful of films from the south have dominated th hindi belt and the global market. But for every RRR  or pushpa or KGF , there’s a jai bhim . here’s how south cinema manages this intricate balance.

(Anam is student of BA-JMC first year from Maharishi University Of Information Technology, Noida)

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