Importance Of CONSCIOUSNESS In A Successful Life

Prof Gp Capt O P Sharma
Director General,
Maharishi University

Notwithstanding the other specific connotation about the word ‘CONSCIOUSNESS ‘My personal interpretation is derived from its HINDI Translation which reads ‘CHETANA ‘the noun of CHET meaning thereby ‘HOSH’leading me to take it as synonym of ‘LIFE FORCE commonly represented as BREATH the PRAAN.

And life force is being indestructible is ATMAN the SOUL .SOUL is the composite of personal founding base of accumulated experiences arising out of personal creativite profiling sourced from ‘NTELLIGENCE‘’ MIND’ INDIVIDUATION loosely understood as EGO translated as AHAM the lower SELF.

All this lies in the founding profile of our being philosophically called ‘SUBTLE’ body as distinguished from GROSS body constituted of of our senses both organic and functional so called GYANENDRAYAN and KARMENDRIYAN and Five nature components Either ;Water ;Fire:Sky ;Air.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the symptom of SOUL. And entire universe is the expression of such symptom

This is better understood by drawing the similarity with the waves in the ocean .Waves like mind strike the shore ceaselessly and creates bubbles all over and then goes deeper to the surface and settle down. Similarly the unsettled mind finds settlement at the base. And the natural process is meditation. Maharishi named this process TRANSCEDENTAL. Transcendental is . BEYOND EMOTIONAL PLAINE -BHAVAATEET.

CONSCIOUSNESS is the Fourth and last state of of our being other three namely awake; half awake and half sleep and Sleep .

CONSCIOUSNESS is infact Transcendental JOY of knowning your ‘REAL ME’

All this is summed up through OPEE MODEL for PERSONALITY EFFECTIVENESS 

Maharishi  ji defined 

consciousness as being an eternally silent, self-referral, self-sufficient, unbounded field of existence, and said that the diversity and dynamism of all of creation is the expression of this field

Eternally: omnipresent beyond time and space

Silent : Passive

Self –referral : Recall by the individual Self

Self Sufficient : omnipotent inclusive potentiality

Unbounded field of existence : limitless presence

Diversity and dynamism of all of creation is the expression of this field : Nature and its diverse manifestation with set yet changing pattern

OUR LOGO and its relevance: FROM POTENTIALITY to ACTUALITY through CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE                                                        

And the process is TM भावातीत चेतना

(Prof Group Captain OP Sharma delivered a thematic address at the workshop for TRAINING the TRAINERS organised for faculty and senior officers at MUIT Main Campus on 26 April 22)

Next TQM-S total quality management of self to actualize ‘CONSCIOUSNES

(Prof Group Captain OP Sharma is National Awardee for Excellence in Education & Training; Rajrishi; Manav Ratna; Kavi Shiromani; Adhyatam Martand, UP Saraswati Award Samman 2016; Best Higher Educational Professional, Edutech Award 2018 and Distinguished Member of International Council of Jurists UK Award)

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