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Who are we with all the potentiality ?

What We are in Actuality ? 

How do we transform our potentiality into Actuality ?

Question One:

Who are we with all our potentiality?

We are in the image of Godliness with all perfection and have become imperfect on account of our own doings based on the principle of self accountability ‘ self is the cause and self is the effect . Yes heredity and environment have largely influenced usin picking up those habits that disallows us to reflect positivity in the profile of Godliness.Know more about we being through my poem KNOW THYSELF                           


Know thyself your form is rare

That even gods cannot dare

Thou art lord, internalize

Know it so and then realize

This life rich in resource

Plenty and full of force

All attainable for thee divine

Thou art lord all is thine

Why do you delude all at pleasure

All is Atman and at your leisure

Thou art master, not the slave

Be wise and not the knave

Thou art lord command the mind

Control the senses not to bind

Self is the friend and self is the foe

All a matter of discriminatin or else woe

Think, judge and act right

know, feel and do right

Listen to your soul it murmurs

As and when wrong occurs

Search the soul for self correction

It whispers at self dereliction

Energise to feel divine

know thyself all is thine

Infact we are not so in our real life .Why ? Answer is the disregard of LIFE SKILLS in our day today callings ! our potentiality remains unactualized.Its all a matter of learning ;unlearning;relearning all about those values that constitute LIFE SKILLS .

Life skills are defined as “a group of psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathize with others, and cope with and manage their lives in a healthy and productive manner. Life skills may be directed toward personal actions or actions toward others, as well as toward actions to change the surrounding environment to make it conducive to health. And total well being . Life Skills  offers youth the emotional, social and intellectual tools needed to achieve success in life – on a personal level, an interpersonal level, and within their community and work places.

Training in life skills could be generally tabulated as follows:

Let us review the scope of LIFE SKILLS in our day today living :

Question 2

What We are in Actuality
we had known as to what is our potentiality being in the mold of GODLINESS . Know now as to what we have made of ourselves :

*Not putting yourself in the shoes of other(s) *Resentment
*Low Self Esteem
why this is so ,the answer is simple ‘due to disregard of LIFE SKILLS and corresponding imbalance with reference to WORK SKILLS and JOB SKILLS

Question 3

How do we transform our potentiality into Actuality
Life skills are rooted in five fundamental values – TRULORINOPEA truth;love;righteousness;nonviolence;peace.And practsing life skills through MANAGEMENT of SELF is ongoing process. It is not

We call it ‘ LIVING LIFE KING . King Size means to lead life with DIGNITY while facilitating others to do so.Such a Commitment
signifies the sense of dignity,lordiness,independence with flair of interdependence, autonomy, actualization, fulfillment, contentment, happiness with proportionately greater sense of responsiveness for the obligations enjoined on the individual who prefers to live life king size. This reflects synergy created with the combination of ‘CAN’ and ‘WILL’ attitude. It is demonstrative of fortitude to meet challenges with a smile. Leadership .profile is built- in in the concept of living life king size. It is leading by example as a model role-play in a holistic frame for others to follow. King is what king does so is the man and woman of action living life king size. The bottom line is ‘Win Win’ situation now and always, here and there in all settings with all people at all times. There is nothing which each one of us can not do. All are made in the mould of Godliness and Self is the cause and self is the effect are our two philosophical derivatives for behavioral application More to follow ……………………….

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