‘दुष्ट राक्षस को आखिरी सांस तक के लिए सलाखों के पीछे भेज दिया है…’


Noida. A POCSO court in Kota on Tuesday convicted a 43 year-old maulvi (urdu teacher) to life in jail for raping a six-year old girl in a madarsa at kotsuwa village under Degod police station of Kota district over five months ago in November last year. The court also slapped a penalty of Rs 1 lakh on the convict.

The judge became emotional while sentencing the rapist and also wrote the poem for the victim girl:

‘ओ मेरी नन्ही मासूम परी रानी तुम खुश हो जाओ

तुम्हें रुलाने वाले दुष्ट राक्षस को हमने जिंदगी की आखिरी सांस तक के लिए सलाखों के पीछे भेज दिया है

अब तुम इस धरती पर निडर होकर अपने सपनों के खुले आसमान में पंख लगाकर उड़ सकती हो

तुम सदा हंसती रहो, चहकती रहो, बस यही प्रयास है हमारा’

These lines are not from any book, but are recorded in the order of POCSO Court of Kota. Maulvi raped a 6-year-old innocent in a madrasa. The court has sentenced this rapist to jail till his last breath. Special Judge Deepak Dubey became emotional. In his decision, he has tried to give a positive message to the innocent victim by writing these lines. The judge has also written – The evil demon who made you (the victim) cry has been sent behind the bars till his last breath.

Girl went to the Maulvi to study Urdu

Special Public Prosecutor Lalit Sharma said that the family of the innocent had given a complaint to the Digod police station in Kota on November 14. He had told that Abdul Rahim lived in the madrassa of the village for the last 4 months. He used to teach Urdu to the children. His 6-year-old daughter also used to go to the Maulvi to study Urdu. On November 13, at 3 pm, the daughter went to the Maulvi to study Urdu. Returned home crying at 4 pm. He narrated the story. The police arrested Abdul on 14 November 21. After investigation, the challan was presented in the court on 6 January. In February, charges were framed against the cleric in the court. The statements of 13 witnesses were taken in the court.

(Aasia is student of BA-JMC first year from Maharishi University Of Information Technology, Noida)

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