Self Discovery for Transformation

Pro. Group Capt. OP Sharma
Director General- Maharishi University

Taking reference from the last write up ‘MY TURN ‘in Rajvaarta let us reflect on the Self Discovery method of knowing ourselves.We must look at ourselves in deep silence and ask questions about our self. Our conscience will invari­ably give us the right answers. If we examine the motives behind our thoughts, words and actions, then we start understanding our­selves. One way to do this is to ask questions related to our inner structure the trinity of MIND, BODY. SOUL.look at the two images for total self with reference to Quality Management which is the mission of us all .

Total Self


TQM-S -Total Quality Management of Self

Total Quality

Wholeman who is physically enduring, emotionally mature,intellectuallyenlightened,aestheticallydeveloped,morally sound and spiritully inclined

These values emerge out of our learning of LIFE SKILLS through Education and Training. Such LIFE SKILLS could be work skills;job skills and personal management skills ..we will in this blog will be largely talking of PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS which are the foundation of work as well as job skills

Let us begin the SELF DISCOVERY

Are my thoughts, words and actions always pure?                                   

Was there an occasion recently when it was not so?

Can I be considered a person of integrity-acting according to what is expected of me in my position?

.Am I honest? Was there an occasion recently when I lied,Cheated or stole?

 Am I loyal? Or does my loyalty change to suit my self- inter­est?

 Do I have faith in God? Or do I remember him only when in trouble?

 Is my motive in saying and doing things my self-interest? or do I have an ideal higher than I, me and myself?

Do I have the courage to make decisions, knowing that these can turn out to be wrong? Or do I procrastinate or try to involve my superior in making decisions.

 Do I have the patience and persistence to apply myself to a task till it is successfully 

 completed? Or

do I give up when faced with difficulties, or out of sheer laziness? .                                                                           

Do I take  initiative? Or do I like to drift along?

Do I have the knowledge, skill and capability to achieve excellence in my work? Have I updated my knowledge?

Can I get people to respond positively to accomplish what­ever has to be done?

Do I know my own strengths and weaknesses? Or

do I believe that I am perfect, but that people are jealous of me and won’t cooperate with me?

.It’s all a matter of SELF ORIENTATION moving away from selfishness to selflessness!LIFE SKILLS infuse greater sense of selflessness.The Indian Army credo for its officers is very explicit. It com­mits them to keep their self-interest at the very last item of what they are expected to do:

The Safety, Honor and Welfare of the country come first, always and every time.

The Honor, Welfare and Comfort of the men you command come next.

Your own Ease, Comfort and Safety come last, always and every time This is attainable when are committed to GIVING rather than TAKING .

In the next blog we will attempt tp know as to what are the LIFE SKILLS that we need to take care in knowing as to where we are as well as where have to go and gradually discover answers to questions ‘how do we reach there’ and ‘How do we know that we have reached there.

To remember that SELF EMPOWERMENT is on our Agenda ! Before we close this blog let us review our module of Total Management

Total Management

Next Who we are  and What are LIFE SKILLS ?                                              

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