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Prof Gp Capt O P Sharma
Director General,
Maharishi University

Total Quality

Wholeman who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectuallyenlightened, aestheticallydeveloped, morally sound and spiritually inclined.

The Wholeman model in role play is manifested when one is physically enduring ; when he is emotionally balanced in as much as he has respect for the dignity of every person, is able to accept himself with his strengths and weaknesses, is capable of loving and being loved , has the capacity to relate to people effectively, has the ability to confront caringly, accepts one’s emotions and expresses them creatively, is able to cherish the good and the beautiful in people and events, is friendly, frank and cheerful, conducts himself with grace and poise, accepts his sex and has the capacity to relate to the opposite sex effectively, has the capacity to face one’s problems and to find the means to solve them; when he is intellectually grown to be aware of her/his potentialities and develops them to the maximum, to keep himself open to new experience, to capitalize on available resources, to make ‘discovery’ an ongoing process, to keep in touch with the latest developments in his own field of interest, enabling him to choose the vocation that is socially and personally fulfilling, to analyze available data to keep it relevant and communicate it intelligently and effectively, to think critically and creatively in order to form an independent personal decision, to acquaint with the source of information and has the ability to utilize them relationally and in depth, to reach an accurate and precise conclusion through analysis, synthesis and summarizing to confront his personal judgments against the background of objective standards, to be honest and open to his own thoughts, opinions and ideas, his love for knowledge and initiative for self-education;

when he morally developed to demonstrate undaunted courage to stand up for the right even in the face of opposition and criticism, loves truth and justice in word, deed and thought, display frankness, cheerfulness and loyalty, is guided by convictions in daily living, has hope enough to go beyond mistakes and failures to learn from them and to grow, accept others and is willing to work fo the welfare, is compassionate to those in pain when right convictions are at stake, is faithful and committed to duty, unpretentiously shows himself as he is, has self-control when the situation demands strength of character; when he is spiritually oriented and has mature enlightened faith and confidence in God. Confronts truths of faith against the concrete problems of life, has had personal experience of God, has the right concept of God, has knowledge of religions other than his own and respects them, exercises equanimity of spirit in joy and pain, cherishes personal prayer which leads to a taste of the divine, which in turn impels him to action, keeps on searching for him and is willing to accept truth where it is found, integrates his own life experience into his own life experiences into his faith in God; when he socially aware is as much as he feels with and helps those in need, especially the weak and the under-privileged, is aware of the problems of the society and takes measures to bring about justice and peace, gets involved in social organizations and influences his friends towards the same, possesses sensitivity to the social realities-dowry, unemployment, child labour, etc., leading to reflection and action, develops his talent to the full to become an agent of social change, aspires towards and works for socially oriented careers, sensitizes the public against injustice and exploitation through mass communication media, believes in the dignity of labour and expresses it in his own life, is adapted and hopeful about forming better society; and finally, aesthetically developed to reflect with awe on the mysteries of the instinctsof self propagation and self preservation visible in all forms of life philisophises for nature in a philosopher, friend and guide providing lessons to everyone of its creations; admires the beauty, the imagery, the shades and hues and the innumerable shapes and patterns so harmoniously blended in the world around; delights in the sounds of breeze, whispering of tress, howling of winds, babbling of streams, rumbling of thunder, the sounds of birds and the humming of bees, feels the hardness and softness of the objects; around inhales the perfume of flower and feels the freshness of air, exploits nature to discover its resources and potentials; conduct research on the quantity, quality, utility and availability of gifts of nature. Nature appreciation provides numerous situations for quiet reflections where man can renew his spirit purify his soul and enjoy a sense of peace and clam. Love for nature foster and implicit obligation to use nature judiciously avoiding all waste and pollution. Nature appreciation frowns on any practice that squanders the earth and natural resources. The aesthetic sense generates orderliness, beauty, grace, system and subtleness in the man’s conduct.

The vocation of all should get hold of, and inspire the whole personality. His responsibilities imply a mode of way of living that requires a harmonious blend of various qualities. It implies a certain dignified bearing that is more than correct behaviour or professional propriety. He would be wanting in elementary honesty, if he were not first to practice what he preaches. A certain degree of generosity and magnanimity is required in the soul of all, if he is to justify his living as a partner with god in the maintenance of this creation? in his discovery of truth. As a man of values one has to view himself in his social perspective with reference to his individual, personal as well as organizational commitments, for which the important things logical thinking and reflection. The call is to live the full circle of a committed leader. The call is to dedicate himself to serve his fellow men in their present need to become a committed being. He has to be a man of head, heart and hand, a logical thinker,reflecting and not just reacting to people and things around him, allowing his heart to be free of selfishness, so that his service becomes selfness and a commitment to the needs of people. Both his hands go out to serve, not just one. The question is to BECOME or NOT TO BECOME. For the committed person there is no other way but ‘ To be Not to be ‘ run parallel and can never meet, there is no compromise. Ofcource, it is a process of mature growth, but the process goes quicker and better, the sooner the decisions are taken by the individual.

In the ultimate, focus should be on subject be on object plus and the object plus is man’s character. The maturity is the blossoming of man’s character into a unified totality. It discerns the processes that contribute to physical and psychological growth for the well being of man. Maturity assumes accountability leading the individual to constantly assess, judge and take appropriate actions. True reflection of maturity is in the balanced output, helping the individual to accept to others as they are. It is the internalization of values with consistency. Maturity helps towards progressive advancement. It is the gradual process which comes by, with self realization, fashioning youth gradually into an integrated being.

The attempt has to be on result oriented performance, which is the synonym of excellence. Excellence is bringing out the best in oneself even through this might not be the best of another. It is the degree of qualitative improvement from good to better and from better to best and then best becomes good and recycling takes place. There is no end to excellence. All education must lead to self improvement. One has to play all his roles excellently whether the role is to meet his individual commitment 

More on six characteristics of WHOLEMAN profile

Physical Endurance

Endurance (also related to sufferance, resilience, constitution, fortitude, and hardiness) is the ability of an organism to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand , recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue. Training for endurance can reduce the ability to exert endurance strength unless an individual also undertakes resistance training to counteract this effect. When a person is able to accomplish or withstand a higher amount of effort then their original capabilities their endurance is increasing which to many personnel indicates progress. In looking to improve one’s endurance they may slowly increase the amount of repetitions or time spent, if higher repetitions are taken rapidly muscle strength improves while less endurance is gained. Increasing endurance has been proven to release endorphins resulting in a positive mind. The act of gaining endurance through physical activity has been shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and stress, or any chronic disease in total.

The term stamina is sometimes used synonymously and interchangeably with endurance. In military setting, endurance is considered the ability of a force to sustain high levels of combat potential relative to its opponent over the duration of a campaign. Endurance may also refer to an ability to persevere through a difficult situation.

Emotional Maturity

Emotional maturity is defined as “a high and appropriate level of emotional control and expression”. Emotional immaturity, on the other hand, is “a tendency to express emotions without restraint or disproportionately to the situation. Emotional maturity supports to manage the demands of the social and learning environments. It enables to form relationships with their peers, recover from disappointment or sadness (building resilience), overcome frustration, and express anger in socially acceptable ways. Emotional maturity the ability to manage our emotions and take full responsibility for our actions. At the end of the day, no matter how hard we may try to communicate with other person, it’s up to them to recognize that their behavior need to change.

Intellectual Enlightenment 

Intellectual Enlightenment , refers to rationalism, reason, observation and measurement permeated science, philosophy and art. The Enlightenment includes a range of ideas centered on the value of human happiness, the pursuit of knowledge obtained by means of reason and the evidence of the senses, and ideals such as liberty, progress, toleration, fraternity, constitutional government, The enlightened person is insightful and open-minded. He is able to see the world with great clarity, without attachment to preconceived ideas about people, places, and things. This enables him to observe the worlds without jumping to conclusion. You can become enlightened by being in the present moment, expanding your understanding of life and the world around you, and meditating to expand your awareness.

Aesthetic Development

Aesthetic Development is the theory that artistic appreciation in linked to human development. Simply put, aesthetics make us happy. On an emotional level they elicit feelings of happiness and clam. They connect us to our ability to reflect on and appreciate the world around us which in turn gives us feelings of contentment and hope. What are aesthetic skills? Aesthetic skills are attributes possessed by an individual They includes attribute like looking good, sounding right, body shape and composAesthetic value is the value that an object, event, or state and affairs (most paradigmatically an artwork or the natural environment) possesses in virtue of its capacity to elicit pleasure (positive value) or displeasure (negative value) when appreciated or experienced aesthetically.

Moral Soundness

Moral Soundness is inclusive of principles so reflected in action profile Some commonly shared moral qualities are norms are e.g. kindness, thoughtfulness, faithfulness, patience, calmness, etc. these are also the characteristics of each person of moral character. In short, moral qualities are those for which the possessor is the suitable recipient of the responsive attitude.

Spiritually Inclined

Such person give other person room and respect to go through their own evolutions and walk their own path in terms of their religious and spiritual beliefs. The genuine spiritual person doesn’t seek out “gotcha”debates or want to be “right” and disproves.. Spirituality is the holistic quality, which beyond the limits of fragmentary thought-mind. Mind which is rooted in the likes and dislikes, pleasure and pains will never be able to touch upon that which is spiritual. Do you ever think of the cost and effort to keep spiritually fit ? Here are the characteristics of a spiritual person: 1)Integrity 2)Awareness 3)Non-attachment 4)Silence 5)Love 6)Compassion 7)Innocence 8)Courage 9)Friendliness 10)Humor 11)Humility 12)Acceptance 13)Maturity : A mature person is a one who always lives continuation of time. To be in the present moment is to be in the eternal nowness. In the depths of silence, if one remains aware and vigilant, the ego disappears. Self-realization is the realization of the self without the ego. When mind is no more, meditation happens. When ego is no more, maturity happens. Maturity is the ultimate flowering of Meditation….

This much in this blog. We will hereafter take on the process for developing requisite life skills !

Good Luck and God Spe

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