Twindemic makes its presence felt in corona times

Report By Aman Kumar Singh

NOIDA : Globally as corona spreads its tentacles and the pandemic enters its third year,  countries are trying their level best to check vaccine hesitancy and misinformation. To top this, discussion on ‘Twindemic’ has added to this existing fear of the increasing corona cases across the world. Experts have been warning people and governments about this.

Warning about ‘Twindemic’

It is being seen consistently seen that as countries ease pandemic-related curbs, Covid-19 continues to make its presence felt. The term ‘Twindemic’ now then refers to a common attack of both flu and novel corona virus. Experts are more concerned about this because health systems are engulfed with  rising cases in the current circumstances.
As understood, experts say, twindemic refers to co-occurrence of both flu and corona. These viruses vary in pathogenesis, there is a joint collaborative effect that induces twindemic and then overwhelming healthcare services. Basically, what is happening is easing of curbs by most countries has risked an increase in case numbers for both corona and flu giving rise to twindemic.    

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Flu cases common in winter

What is giving rise to twindemic? It is generally seen flu cases increase during winter season.  With spurt in Covid-19 cases, this is ideal ground for twindemic to take place. Experts have alerted everyone about twindemic. Twindemic is a common attack of both flu and coronavirus. As far as flu is concerned, its virus kills about 650,000 people annually, according to an estimate globally. At the end of last year, the flu cases in Europe were higher than average. There is now a risk of an increase in the number of cases of both Covid-19 and influenza in many countries. This incident is being called ‘Twindemic’.

Origin of Twindemic

Twindemic initially appeared in August 2020 in an article of New York Times (NYT). NYTattributed the term to Chief Strategy Officer For the Immunisation Action Coalition, LJ Tan Ph.D. The coalition is a non-profit group to increase vaccine uptake.

What does the data say?

The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control says that the number of flu cases in ICU has increased in December. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control data says that at least 43 cases were reported in the last week of 2021. Figures from the French Ministry of Health say that three regions of France, including Paris, are facing flu epidemics. This comes at a time when Europe is already battling the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

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What can happen if you have twindemic?

It is challenging for doctors to differentiate between flu and Covid-19 viruses. Experts say that follow social distancing, wear masks and wash hands regularly to avoid infection.

(Aman is student of BA-JMC first year from Maharishi University of Information Technology, Noida)

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