UK revises 10-day quarantine policy for Indians

There is good news for Indians traveling to the UK. The country has revised its mandatory 10-day quarantine policy for Indians coming to the UK.

British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis announced this here in an official announcement on social media.The announcement was made as part of the revised British policy regarding international travel to the UK. The policy will be continuously reviewed by health officials in London to track spike in cases of Covid-19 cases abroad.

He said in the message, “No quarantine for Indian travellers to UK fully vaccinated with Covishield or another UK-approved vaccine from 11 October.”

 What is the 10-day quarantine policy issue?

The 10-day quarantine policy issue row erupted when the UK imposed travel rules from October 4. Under this, the British Government failed to recognize Covishield, an Indian version of the Britain’s AstraZenaca jab which gave rise to allegations of vaccine racism. The row erupted because Indians traveling to the UK had to fulfill 10-day quarantine policy under new British rules.

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Ellis said ‘thanks to (the) Indian government for close cooperation over last month’ the development came hours after the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Arindam Bagchi reiterated that the British travel restrictions on vaccinated Indian travelers are “discriminatory”. The Indian Government had protested against the 10-day quarantine policy for Indians.  

India protests the move

In a counter-measure India had imposed new travel restrictions. The new rules require mandatory 10-day quarantine on UK passport holders. The new rules came into effect on October 4. Both sides however maintained that talks were under way to resolve the deadlock over the UK’s disinclination to recognize vaccination certificates from India.

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The new notification that will come into effect on October 11 will reduce the Red List of the UK to seven countries. The UK had particularly made a policy for 10-day quarantine policy. It is hoped that with the new notification, it will further open up the British economy for post-Covid global business and tourism. The same announcement also informed that proof of vaccination will be recognized from travelers from 37 countries, including India, Pakistan, Turkey and South Africa. However, throughout stress was on 10-day quarantine policy for travelers.  

“The extension of vaccine certification is a further step to enable people to travel more freely again, in a safe and sustainable way, while protecting public health,” said the British High Commission spokesperson. However, travellers from the 37 exempted countries need to avoid the Red List countries for 10 days prior to reaching England.

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