YOGA the DISHA : Key to success in life

Prof Gp Capt O P Sharma
Director General,
Maharishi University

Yoga is D.I.S.H.A. the direction Development through Integrated Systems for Holistic Achievement
Union of all Yogic Strategies is the Answer for the World Order in the Contemporary World Yoga the most effective strategy for self-governance and. Self governance is the only secret for career start and then climbing the ladder for happy landing in total self-actualization. Yoga is the direction the. D. I. S. H. A meaning thereby. Development through. Integrated. Systems for. Holistic Achievement and this is the answer for the world order in the contemporary world. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which inherently means the union – the union of self with Self – two selves of the same person for one’s real self is different from his apparent self. The strategy that links these two severed selves is yoga. Real self is in the image of God – omnipotent -omnipresent – omniscient and not the apparent self with worldly limitations. All faiths accept this truth.

Aham brahmas mi – Tattavamasi of Hinduism, God created man in his image ‘of Christianity. Man is the effulgent ray of Allah of Islam and Ahura Majda of Zoroastrianism – suggest the divinity in man. All thinkers/preachers/ messengers have been advocating value orientation of mankind for godly conduct to help others to grow likewise so as to elevate themselves to face their witness self – the creator – the supreme soul. Knowing the divinity in the individual and realizing it so in living profile is the ultimate destination in search of soul.

The strategy for such integration of self with Self is yoga. Yoga is a process of awakening through regulatory conduct. of total being – his body; his mind; hisintellect; his soul. Simply put it is skill in action. This process demands constant practice for progressive growth. For actualizing the potentiality of divinity which is inherent in each being many thinkers, Gurus, the saints have been professing INSIDE OUT 156 and praising different strategies for such integration. Each of these strategies has validation over years and any controversy as to why this and why not that and or my yoga or your yoga or his yoga and or our yoga, their yoga, your yoga and or unduly linking specific strategy with fundamental rituals of any faith is more a matter of debate than any conclusive derivative for any branding whatsoever. Yoga is yoga that is all.

Yoga is in the manifestation of integrated being who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightening, aesthetically developed, morally sound and spiritually inclined. Such is the profile of a self-realized soul. His appearance, his conduct, his speech, his style all are emulating, for these all are the reflection of soul which is ever blissful. The sight, the proximity, the interaction of such an individual is all sought for by all indulgently. However, there is though similarity yet distinctiveness of such godly people; this accounts for charismatic personality of prophets, incarnates, messengers Krishna, Ram, Buddha, Nanak, Christ, Mohammed, Zorosto and others.

This indeed is the food for thought for unifying vision in a diversified setting. Such is the gain through compliance of strategy as demonstrated in our Omni health foundation project D.I.S.H.A meaning thereby Development through Integrated Systems for Holistic Achievement. The individual souls are the varied myriad souls of supreme soul – the lower self-manifesting the higher self. The causation is individuation – Eko-Hum-Bahu Shyam – I am one becoming many. We, each one, are the part self of a holistic self ; thus, inherently one. The individual self is distinct in manifestation in strength, knowledge and bliss.

The empowering moldseparate, one from the other. This individuation explains the attitudinal inclination for choosing this specific path – Karm-Bhakti-Gyan but the process is essentially reiterative. Therefore, the holistic path of yoga of yogas is the model pathway. Why to opt for choice lessness. The seeker must be free to opt for specific strategy of union- the yoga for effectiveness, what we need is an integrated personality and that integrated personality is made up of supreme energy. The supreme energy is composed of three aspects. They are rational (analytical), feeling (emotional) and holistic (synthetic). Man is the creation of supreme energy and supreme energy is the source of these three aspects. Supreme INSIDE OUT 157 energy is actually perceived and actualized when mind is concentrated. Yoga is recommended for practicing concentration.

The mind cannot become still unless, it is pure

For doing Yoga, we need not necessarily be outdoors. It can be done anytime, anywhere and in any posture. Still mind is necessary for concentration. The mind cannot become still unless, it is pure. Therefore, pure mind is necessitated. We should be detached from all subjective considerations. The failing performance whether individual. personal or organizational will not allow the mind to be pure. The mind can never become still or calm, as the wandering nature of mind through non-fulfillment of commitment is an obstruction in the process of unleashing of supreme energy. One has to guard oneself against the evil trappings. Pure mind is the resultant of education and training. The process of education and training embraces various concepts. These are firstly identification of self and reality.

The individual himself is the integral of the family, society or organization but in reality, the individual and the others appear to be two different units. The education and training must lead to disidentification of self and reality by merging the two into one. The individual is for others for the organization and he is within the organization. It is the fulfilment of commitment which only can lead to such an integration. One should dis-identify oneself from those factors including the individuals who are mismatch in the organization as they are the likely cause of impurity. You will be able to know yourself which type of individual you are and how should you go about in over-coming the limitation of your being. Remember, we are not here typifying the individual for his occasional dramatic role performance. In certain situations, one puts up a well-designed performance profile for getting the work done.

What we are referring to here is the broad generalization of certain types. Then, we have the doctrine of Karma which suggests that the work is reward in itself. My further reflection on doctrine of Karma would be to relate it to the concept of ‘Poetic justice’ as advocated by Aristotle which stipulates that, in the ultimate the good will be rewarded. One should virtuously pursue the theory of work as an auto motivation. The rewards will follow as a matter of consequence. One should not concern oneself unduly with the results. Results will follow. Work is worship. While dealing with the concept of integrated personality. I must draw your attention to yet another concept of management which is systems approach to work. Systems theory recognizes an individual as one of the sub INSIDE OUT 158 systems. You must have observed in the system some people climbing the ladder. The effective performance contributes to this climbing up and not partisanship or favoritism.

The reality is that one who works, automatically endears himself to the people who matter in the system. It is the essence of the Karma theory. One has to grow up and develop in the system. When I look back, I find that the motivating drive is not reward or punishment. We do not work for recognition. Recognition follows as a natural consequence. Our guiding beacon is sacrifice and it is the selfless service with avowed sense of commitment which gets us respect. All these are the matters of finer sensibilities. One has to elevate oneself from the level of knowledge worker to the level of wisdom worker to understand these attributes. The relevant point is that one should ask oneself. ‘How much, I am giving rather than how much, I am taking.

The ultimate result of all these processes, is the wisdom worker. No one acquires perfection in meditation unless he performs right action which is essential preparation for meditation, the art of action. Yoga is the yoke intended to facilitate movement through action and meditation. Right action is identified with yam and niyam, the primordial virtues propagated by each and every religion as the foundation stone of spiritual life. These are based on the widely accepted universal values. Yam includes nonviolence, truth, non-stealing, celibacy, non-acceptance of favors; whereas Niyam proscribes purification of the body and mind, contentment, penance eating less and surrender of the ego to the Absolute. These are the stepping stones and not end in themselves. Right action led by right thoughts gives rise to right mindedness and right concentration.

Constant observation of the self and surrounding as a non-reactive witness is right mindfulness which produces right concentration on all objects – Thinking; feeling; willing. This awakens within us a conducive orientation and attitude to action. Practical lesson is inculcation of a sense of detachment – equanimity to happiness and sorrow, success and failure; and other dualities. This is blissful indifference based on wisdom about the currents, and crosscurrents of psychic inclinations and desires. This induces the practice of Niskam-Karm- selfless action. This is the way to liberate soul from the human bonding of body and mind. Right action without any attachment to the fruit of the action unfolds and facilitates flowering of Self. And then action and inaction both INSIDE OUT 159 lose their significance in life and elevate us to a state of meditation. When he thinks less of himself and a person is unbearable when he is always thinking about himself. Greatest misery in life is Self-pity.

Meditation has nothing to do with the mind. Rather, it is diving deep within one self. And only through this experience, one attains bliss. Meditation is a rich treasure of wisdom. Such wisdom focuses on the inner man, the spiritual dimension of his nature and deeper hunger which cannot be satiated on material or sociological planes alone. How should unhealthy Sanskars be minimized, these are the matter of value orientation of living and learning environment. Selective visual and audio tools are highly practical ways of gradually absorbing better quality pattern of behavior. Patanjali’s yoga psychology is a more effective and deeper way for conscious cultivation of counter thoughts to ward off perverse thoughts. Initially it will be difficult to raise these contrary thoughts at the very instance when the perverse thoughts arise. But if watchful inner striving is maintained, the contrary thought can be made to arise sometime afterwards – say an hour or a day later.

One can gradually obtain a closer match in turn between the occurrence of the perverse thought and its corresponding contrary thought. This requires consistent practice of introspection. Mind composing and recomposing exercises are good mode to send out powerful thought wave wishing all human beings’ peace, health, serenity, love and so on. ‘Worldwide prayer` is a powerful process for sublimation of innate potentialities and cultivation of sublimated potentialities. Prayer is a substantial tool in the strategy for spiritual fellowship. As a principle centered person, you should see things differently judge differently and act differently. The sound foundation of performance profile, deeply rooted in the value system forms a solid unchanging core of effective personality. The leading principles are: Integrity, potential growth, excellence, service frame, patience, dignity and joy.

These are to be linked with the intellectual, social and dynamic attributes of the individual personality. For a wisdom the sequence of action has to be See – Judge – Act and Not See-Act- Judge. INSIDE OUT 160 Determined state signifies the synthetic action preparedness when life force is activated with the knowledge consciousness for specific activity. It will be necessary for cultivating in our selves three live more simply – no unjust profit…. to change unjust structures. To live more simply : This is possible by slowing down the expanding spiral of luxurious living and social competition. Let us have man and women who will resolutely set themselves against the tides of consumerism to do away with many of the luxuries which in their setup have become necessities, but which the majority of mankind must do without. And if this produces surplus income; well and good; let it be given to those for whom the necessities of life are still luxurious beyond their reach.

No unjust profit : Second a firm determination to draw no profit whatever from clearly unjust sources. Let there be man and women who will bend their energies not to strengthen positions of privilege, but to the extent possible reduce privilege in favor of underprivileged. Our basic point of reference must be truly poor, the truly marginalized in the social structure. Change unjust structures: Third a most difficult; a firm resolve to be agenda of change in society; not merely resisting unjust structures and arrangement, but actively undertaking to reform them. We need to have ideological tools to foster cooperation among man of goodwill.

(Prof Group Captain OP Sharma is National Awardee for Excellence in Education & Training; Rajrishi; Manav Ratna; Kavi Shiromani; Adhyatam Martand, UP Saraswati Award Samman 2016; Best Higher Educational Professional, Edutech Award 2018 and Distinguished Member of International Council of Jurists UK Award)

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